Writing Competition

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Application:  Story Writing Competition for High School Students

  • Winning stories are posted on the PACE website. First place receives a $20 prize and an induction into the PACE Scholars Hall of Fame. Your story will be evaluated by the PACE Board of Directors.
  • Please include in your email or hard mail submission: Your name, School name and address, Principal’s name and his/her contact number, as well as your email and home address.

In less than 1,000 words, create a story that ties a scientific concept to a real world event or device. Be creative!

You can choose any topic in biology, chemistry or physics, or pick from the idea list below:

Why do people get trench foot? Give it a good story. Tie the ischemia of feet due to marching in cold conditions with the role of blood flow in the dermis.

# Give a good story as to why and how excess blood flow to skin in hot conditions like hot tub can make you pass out owing to vasodilation.

# Make a story that allows people to understand the roles of ultraviolet light in treating jaundice, activation of vitamin D, visible aging of the skin, and potential cause of cancer.

# Make a story that dicsuses the simple mechanisms behind photoisomerization reactions-“Bili-lights” used to photoisomerize bilirubin and make it soluble. This is used to treat neonatal jaundice.

# Write a story about the danger of Ozone destruction,  particularly related to which UVs are blocked and which pose the greatest risk of skin cancer. Discuss how UV excites the nucleotides, especially thymine and causes thymidine dimers, cause mutations in DNA, but are saved by UV specific exonuclease. Also mention how melanin absorbs UV radiation in the B spectrum.

Please contact us if you have any questions.