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Unsolicited Comments from Teachers:

All of these are great!!!!!!! I hate teaching Cellular Respiration because the students seem tortured to learn the information. The stories will go a long way to making this unit more interesting.

– Central Bucks West High School, Pennsylvania

I believe that students will become more engaged with these stories and I plan to integrate them into my curriculum for my multiple science courses.  I would love to see the rest.

– Freeman High School, South Dakota

These are great!  I’d love to see more.  I’m forwarding them on to a couple of newsletters for science educators in the state and I’ll post them on the Alaska Science Teachers website too.  Do you have a website where teachers can go and download the lessons directly?  I’m sure many teachers would welcome these as resources. Cheers!

– Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

Thank you so much for sharing these!  I love incorporating reading/writing in different genres into the science curriculum.  I am a chemistry and anatomy/physiology teacher and will use these.  If you have more, I am interested!

– Burke High School, Nebraska

I would enjoy seeing the rest of your stories.  I enjoyed the ones that were sent and will use them in my classes.  They are perfect for developing problem solving skills. 

– Omaha Central High School Science, Nebraska

I can’t wait to read these to my biology classes! I teach Pre-P Biology and Biology 2. Generally, students get frustrated with cellular respiration and it is my hope that this new approach will interest students. I certainly appreciate the time invested by yourself, as well as your colleagues in writing these mock stories interlaced with difficult biological concepts! I would love to see more of these. Again, thanks for your time and creativity.

– Piedmont High School, Oklahoma

It only took me to read one story and I was hooked. I am a big fan of combining literature and the arts with science.  I currently incorporate diamante poems, haiku and others with my classes to increase rigor.  One year we published a book of poems related to the things we covered in class and it was awesome. So I think these learning aides would be great supplements to my lessons, and will definitely exercise both the left and right sides of the brains of my students….

– Lawton MacArthur High, Oklahoma

…  If I was reading about this biological process in a textbook I would have to reread it several times, take notes and make diagrams.  However, after just reading the scientific explanation once I feel I could easily explain this process to someone else.  Being able to relate this process to a real life scenario made it much easier for me to learn and understand. 

– Union High School, Pennsylvania

My students are quite engaged in the stories and the science related to the stories.  These are excellent supplements to our current curriculum! Thank you for these resources and I very excited to recommend these to area science teachers!

– Gering High School, Nebraska

These are great!  Thank you for sending them to me and thank you for your interest in the education of our students/future.  I am interested in any other supplements that you have. Thank you.

– Eastwood High School, Texas

I  read the Lake Nyos story (just finished a volcano unit with my Earth Science students) and I would definitely use these in my classes. I like the interdisciplinary nature of the supplements – I’m the only science teacher at a small high school and strive to help students understand the big ideas that cut through all of their science classes.

– Cimmarron High School, New Mexico

These are very well done!  In fact, we are using the Lake Nyos one next week in our chemistry class – it tied nicely to a lab they just completed.  I would love to see more, as we are always looking for ways to add more reading into our science curriculum.

– Laurel High School, Delaware