Our Growth

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Time in operation:  Since July 2011

States Reached: 50

Classrooms Taught: 550+

Cost per student: $0- $4

Schools that uses P.A.C.E

Measuring our Growth:

We are analyzing our impact by sending surveys to the teachers who use our stories.

We have designed an electronic survey which asks users to provide information on usefulness and effectiveness of the materials: (i) in helping students learn scientific concepts, (ii) realizing the relevance of these concepts, (iii) enhancing critical thinking, (iv) increasing student desire to read, (v) ease of use, (vi) if, and how many teachers the supplements were shared with, and (vii) the class size which to which they were presented in order that we may estimate our audience size. The survey parameters will be quantified with a 5-point Likert scale.