Illustrating Competitions

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Application: Illustrator Competition for High School Students– Deadline 10/31/2013

  • Email a picture (.jpg) to by midnight 10/31/2013
  • Include in the email: Your name, School name and address, Principal’s name and his/her contact number, as well as your email and home address.
  • First place is $20 and an induction into PACE Illustrators Hall of fame. You will be evaluated by the PACE Board of Directors.


  • The image should be a black and white sketch.
  • It should illustrate a physics, chemistry, or biology concept.

Suggested topics (but you can pick anything you would like):

#Illustrate why you should not go swimming after you eat (the sympathetic nervous system leads to vasoconstriction of the blood vessels that supply the digestive system and vasodilation of those that supply the skeletal muscles).

#Draw how ultrasound machines work to see fetuses in the uterus; use a creative perspective.

#Draw various skull/body deformities that can come from severe sickle cell disease

 Please contact us with any questions or concerns.